guided conversation tools to help you share and connect meaningfully

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we provide the spark


Our prompts frame the conversation and help you express yourself. All you gotta do is fill in those blanks, baby.

so you can get close


Everyone responds to the same prompt to unlock the conversation. This encourages meaningful sharing, which creates more intimate relationships. It’s really that simple.

and stay close


We give you brand new prompts each week, so you can keep building your relationships - rain or shine, vacation or staycation.

with your people


There are no ads, friend counts, or follower numbers on Longwalks. We left those out, because it’s not about scoring points or selling your attention - just a supportive space for your relationships.


what Longwalkers are saying:


I am because we are.

Our logo is inspired by the word Ubuntu, a Nguni Bantu term for the universal bond of sharing that connects all of us. It is often translated to human kindness. Longwalks is grounded in this philosophy. Our goal is to create a space where human kindness can flourish and everyone has the tools they need to cultivate the relationships they care about.

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This app was built in the San Francisco Bay Area by kind humans, for kind humans.


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