Who should I invite to Longwalks?


At Longwalks, we’re about building real friendships with real people. Not randos.

So, invite the ones that have your back, boost your mood, or make you belly laugh.

Anyone you know well or you’d like to know better.

Start with your 5 closest people and see how it goes!


Need more suggestions? We’ve got your back.


The ones you stayed up all night talking to.

The ones who are far, but not forgotten.

Your crush ;)

Your Thanksgiving dinner table (minus the weird uncle).

The ones that hold your hand when you cry.

The ones you don’t know how to talk to.

Your soulmates. Or those that nearly made the cut.

The crazy ones.

The ones you can’t live without.

The ones you shut down clubs with.

Your grandparents!

The ones you want to go to lunch with, but can’t find the time.

The ones you secretly want to know better.

The ones you dream about at night.

Your teenager who replies “No” to everything.

The ones you wish you could have chocolate chip pancakes with.

The ones who know all the inside jokes.

That new friend.

The ones you want to be stuck all night in an elevator with.

The ones you look up to.

The ones you want to be friends with when you’re 100 years old.

Your IM kickball team.

The ones you used to be on AIM with.

The one who says “u up?”

The ones you’re most grateful for.

Your old squad.

The ones you played hide and seek with.

The hilarious woman from that dinner party.

Your partner of 25 years that you know way too much about and yet not enough.

Your great aunt and her dog.

Your new college roommate that you got randomly matched with this summer and have never met.

You know who.

Invite them to Longwalks.

Madison McClung