Your group of besties will actually help you live longer.

That’s right. Turns out, having tight squad may be a huge factor in the length of your lifespan.

Dan Buettner of Blue Zones teamed up with National Geographic to find communities all over the world with the highest life expectancy — or with the highest concentrations of centenarians — and what made those places special. One region with a high proportion of people who reach 100 years of age is Okinawa, Japan, where women over 70 are the longest-lived population in the world.

Okinawan culture strongly centers around finding your tribe. Okinawans create “moais” — groups of five friends that commit to each other for life. They stick together, providing love and support for social, financial, spiritual, or health-related interests. These groups regularly communicate, share, and encourage each other through life’s journey.

Moais were found to be a leading factor in the longevity of Okinawan lifespans. And guess what? Creating a moai is super easy to do. Check out this list, and get back to us when you’re 95 and thriving :)

How to build your own moai:

longwalks characters V2-21.png

1. Find 3–5 people (family, friends, etc.) who share a common purpose.

2. Favorably shape your behaviors.

Research shows that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing (including happiness and loneliness) are contagious. Gear your tribe’s attitude towards healthy habits and let the benefits roll in!

3. Set up a way to communicate regularly — about the small or big stuff.

In Okinawa, moai’s live in the same community and set aside time to share. But don’t worry if your people are super busy or across the pond — that’s where Longwalks can help).

4. Gather together and start an epic, decades-long conversation!