What is the Journal?

It’s a journey in a jar.

The Longwalks personal Journal is your own digital diary with daily fill-in-the-blank mini-prompts. Each of these prompts is inspired by the 7 Factors of Awakening.

The prompts don’t change each week, but your responses do! The magic happens when you reflect back on your daily journal responses over time. You can recognize areas in your life that need more balance, ways that you’ve grown, how to better focus (or relax)… you get the picture.

The 7 what’s of what?

The 7 Factors of Awakening make up an ancient list of the qualities that light up within us as we become more aware and aligned.

On Sundays, we practice mindfulness, or heightened awareness.

On Mondays, we practice investigation by refining our priorities.

On Tuesdays, we enhance energy, the stuff that keeps us movin’ and groovin’.

On Wednesdays, we acknowledge joy of all shapes and sizes.

On Thursdays, we ease into tranquility, building our own personal happy place.

On Fridays, we identify what our central focus is.

On Saturdays, we practice equanimity by accepting life as it comes.

Sounds good. Any tips on the Journal?

There’s no wrong way to journal, but here are some tips if you lose your footing:

Find a daily time when you can reflect - setting an alarm helps.

If you feel stuck, try to incorporate the week’s theme in your journaling.

Be honest and vulnerable. This is just for you, after all!

Don’t be afraid to explain more or share a photo with your answers.

It’s okay if you skip a few days, weeks, or even more. You’re human! Just jump back on that Journal train and get back in the groove.