We Promise To…

Solve for real connection.

We’re more connected than ever before, but lack a feeling of connection. As a company, we’re committed to finding tactical solutions to this problem by using technology to enhance self-expression, improve conversations, and deepen relationships.

Promote conversation equality.

We’re creating a positive and supportive community where everyone has an equal voice on a level playing field. We’re not about comparisons and competition, we’re about being real in a world that’s hard enough as it is.

Value quality over quantity.

We use your time wisely. Rather than maximize screen time, we optimize for conversations that bring people closer together. We’d rather you spend your time with the people you love than glued to your screen.

Protect your privacy.

We believe in doing well by doing good. We’re not serving ads or doing sketchy things with your data. Your attention is not for sale!

Be patient and kind.

We’re human, a little weird, and a little broken, just like you. We make mistakes, pick ourselves up, and try again, even when it’s hard. We promise to stay grounded, no matter how low or high this journey takes us.

Celebrate humanity.

As a company, we focus on the one thing we all have in common: our need to be known and belong. As we see ourselves in others, we find solidarity in our shared experiences and humanity. We are more alike than different.

We’ll keep building if you keep showing up. Deal?