Privacy is one of our core values at Longwalks, and we take it very seriously. Here are the spark notes on our privacy policy - if you wish to read more, access the full policy by clicking the Terms & Conditions tab.

What information does Longwalks collect?

We collect information that you give us at registration, such as:

  • Your phone number (to enable the account on your phone)

  • Your name and photo (to confirm your identity to your friends and contacts on Longwalks)

What does Longwalks do with my contacts?

Your privacy - and the privacy of your contacts - is very important to us. We do not store your contact list on our server, and we do not reach out to your contacts on your behalf unless you ask us to (by inviting them to Longwalks or otherwise).

Can anyone see my Path?

You choose who you talk to on Longwalks. You do not have to accept any friend requests. If you are the admin of a private conversation, you can delete users at any time.

Your Path (including your answers, photos, and other engagement) will just be available to your friends on Longwalks. If you have multiple conversation groups, each group will be private from one another.

How private really is Longwalks?

We do not sell your data to 3rd parties, and we do not show you advertisements. Longwalks is a private space where you can feel comfortable sharing with those who matter most to you. No stalking, just talking!

Longwalks is new. What does that mean for me?

Longwalks is brand new, so we are letting people try out the app and give us their feedback. This testing allows us to share Longwalks with you as early as possible and make sure that the app is the best it can be. During this stage, we may collect de-identified information about user habits and patterns so that we can update Longwalks to benefit you more.

If you are an early user, we may reach out to ask about your user experience. You are not required to give us feedback, but we would love to know what you think! We will stop contacting you if you email us at and request that we cease contact.