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Trishla Jain

Trishla Jain is an author, designer and entrepreneur committed to helping people find deeper, more authentic connections. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Jain learned at a young age the importance of nurturing the human spirit and delving deeper into the Self. Throughout her academic, artistic, and occupational careers, she’s explored the intersection between poetry, lyricism and her spiritual teachings. She found conversation at the center of all three, and she used this discovery as inspiration for creating Longwalks with Melody Mortazavi.


Melody Mortazavi

From her work on the initial Sephora launch team to her experiences in manufacturing, consulting, and brand strategy for companies like Gap Inc., Cisco, and Landor, Melody Mortazavi has been passionate about creating brands her entire career. Mortazavi is an entrepreneur who believes in the power of connection, and she founded U-ME in Menlo Park with that vision in mind. After U-ME was acquired in 2016, Mortazavi continued to pursue her love of building brands and human connections by co-founding Longwalks with Trishla Jain.