Building Friendships, not Followers

We aren’t your usual tech entrepreneurs, and we never set out to “build an app.” We became friends because we were tired of social experiences where every interaction was the same. We both craved authentic connections and deeper conversations. We wanted to actually know our people better.

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In most relationships today,

we meet someone, engage in small talk and perhaps keep up with them every few weeks. We identify their traits and personal concerns. But do we really know them? According to Dan P. McAdams - a key figure in personality psychology - we don’t.  

McAdams holds that we don’t truly know someone until we understand their identity, or how they find unity and purpose. In other words, in order to really know someone, we need to know their story.


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Sharing Your Story

Sharing your story with others should be easy to do. After all, we have social platforms built for this reason. We go to social media to connect and yet it leaves us feeling more lonely.

Studies show that social feeds often cause us to compare ourselves with others in an unhealthy way, resulting in feelings of depression, frustration and jealousy. Not only does this make us feel more distant from our people, but it also causes us to limit, edit and filter the parts of ourselves that we want to share. In a world where likes, views, followers and comments are being counted and compared, it’s easier to post about avocado toast than about what gives you purpose.

Still, we turn to social media because we want to connect, learn and share with our people, and it’s hard to find another healthy, safe and fun way to do this online.

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That’s why we
created the
Longwalks app,

an online experience that actually helps you get close and stay close. Each Longwalks fill-in-the-blank prompt, called a “Path,” is a safety net for vulnerability that allows you to express yourself in an authentic way.


Why The Path Works


Fill-in-the-blank prompts have been found to assist in self-explanation, making it easier for people to see themselves in a new light. The self-reporting framework of each path helps us clearly disclose our thoughts, behaviors and feelings.


Psychologists and researchers use the Life Story Interview - an hour long, in-person discussion - to better understand someone’s identity. Many of us would like to know more about each other, but we don’t have the time and space to do this. The Paths offer an efficient and quick way to express one’s story anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


Everyone completes the same Path and chooses who to share it with. You see others’ Paths only after you’ve finished yours. No interruptions, comparisons, or standards. Everyone has the same amount of space to share, so each person feels included and heard.


Unlike social media - which actually can cause physiological withdrawal symptoms- Longwalks wasn’t created to be addictive. Our Paths are released only once a week, so you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like on the app.


Turns out, having more friends on social media does not mean that someone has a better social life. A person’s brain can only handle so many close relationships and it takes repeated interaction to maintain those friendships. In Longwalks, you can privately share with your special people, as opposed to 3,000 of your acquaintances.

Just like a long walk, the magic of Longwalks isn’t an empty Path - it’s what happens on it.