Frequently Asked Questions

What is Longwalks and how does it work?

Longwalks is a mobile app that was born out of a desire for authentic connection and deeper conversations. Rooted in promoting empathy, belonging and intentionality, Longwalks provides tools to connect and share meaningfully. Each week we send you a fill-in-the-blank prompt, called a “Path,” that helps you share with those that matter. To learn more about Longwalks, click here.

Where can I download Longwalks?

You can download Longwalks now on the App Store.

How old do I have to be to use it?

To create a Longwalks account on your own, you must be 13 years old. That being said, we hope to provide conversation tools to people of all ages, so our policies may change in the future.

Do I have to pay for it?

Longwalks is free! As the app develops, we may offer some optional paid features to enhance your Longwalks experience.

Why does Longwalks ask to sync my contacts?

Syncing your contacts lets you see who’s on Longwalks and who’s not. It also makes it much easier for you to add friends.

How do I delete my account? Will you keep my personal information and conversation data after I delete my account?

If you delete an account, some information may remain in our records but would not identify you personally. Head to our troubleshooting page to learn where you can request your data, log out, or delete your account.

What if I want to give feedback?

We always love to have your feedback, especially in our early stage. Click here to share your thoughts.

Still have questions? Head to our troubleshooting page.