Imagination is important at any age. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It lets us be like children again

Some of the strongest, most visceral friendships are forged at a young age, building sand castles and whispering with imaginary friends in the dark. As adults accessing the imagination muscle with friends allows us to explore questions and ideas that have little relevance in oh-so-serious-real-life, but a magical impact on our connection with each other.

2. It is good for our mental health

Technology makes it easy to avoid boredom, but boredom leads to quiet moments and day-dreaming. Without these vacations of the mind, we can get caught in a cycle. Imagination pushes the limits of what’s possible and gets us out of our mental hamster wheels. There’s a reason why we love fantasy worlds in books, tv shows, movies, and video games - it’s fun to escape the moment and get lost in someone’s wild, wacky imagination. 

3. It infuses us with energy

Imagination gets the creative juices flowing. Too busy for it? Think again. Imagination allows the overworked part of your brain to rest and gives your creative side a new outlet. Let yourself have an imagination session and be open to where it takes you! Re-invent your relationships as you dream together.

4. It helps us create a better future

Imagination is an open road and the sky's the limit. You never know where it will lead you, and bringing others in on the fun can result in some incredible ideas. Dare to color outside the lines, dance on the ceiling, and reach just a little bit further. 

5. It is just magical, wondrous and sublime

It’s every delicious word out there. So get to dreaming!