Why you should fill in the blanks.

We’re all speaking at the same level 

Based on the similar skills hypothesis, relationships are usually much stronger when both members have the same level of verbal sophistication. In other words - if we’re all answering the same question within the same format, we’re more likely to be speaking at the same level, which helps us grow closer!

It’s easier to form the right interpretation

In conversations, we’re constantly creating mental pictures based on what the other person is saying. These pictures can be interpreted differently, which gets in the way of truly understanding each other. When the conversation is framed the exact same way, the mental pictures we create are more likely to be interpreted similarly.

It takes pressure off of social interactions

Having the same blanks to fill helps us level the playing ground and take off some of the pressure. Knowing that everyone has to answer the same questions gives us a fresh chance to be authentic and develop a positive self-image.