Practicing gratitude should be a social experience. Here’s why:

Engaging in healthy habits doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Building a gratitude practice alongside your friends, family, love, or co-workers has incredible benefits! Here are some reasons why thanking should be a social experience:

Your relationships will strengthen.

Research shows that practicing gratitude as a group can strengthen relationships, promote prosocial behaviors, and even increase job satisfaction.

You’re more motivated to stick to a routine.

People practice gratitude so that they become more appreciative and present over time. Scientists found that people who write down what they’re grateful for on a weekly basis felt better about their lives in general, and felt more positive about their upcoming weeks. However, habits can only be built through the act of repetition. 

Unfortunately, anything that requires consistency can get really hard to do! If you commit to others when working towards a goal, you’re 65% more likely to achieve it, according to The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). Here’s the real catch: If you have a set date with someone or a group, your chance of success increases by 95%! 

You’re more likely to catch and spread gratefulness.

That’s right! Gratefulness is contagious. Research shows that grateful people are more likely to help others, which results in even more gratitude and an awesome domino effect of helpful behavior.