5 questions to ask yourself and others at the end of every week.

Engaging in weekly reflection is a great way to evaluate your priorities, stay present, and plan for the future. Here are 5 questions that you can ask at the end of the week:

What were your expectations?

Think about what you expected from this week, and compare those expectations to the events that took place. Write down moments that surprised you, and how you reacted to those surprises.

What were your goals?

Evaluate any goals you set for this week, and think about how you approached them. Did you successfully accomplish these goals? If not, how will you be more prepared to approach your goals next week?

How did you spend your time?

Reflect on the various buckets of your life (family, work, health, etc…) and recall how much time you spent on each bucket. Then, try to connect these buckets with your wellbeing. Which experiences left you feeling full of life, and which did the opposite?

What did you discover?

Life is made up of beautiful discoveries, and we should keep our eyes open to the lessons around us. What is something you discovered this week? A new fact, an effective method, something new about a friend, a beautiful flower?

What’s next?

With this reflection in mind, make your plans for next week. What are your expectations and goals for the week ahead? How do you want to divide your time? What, if anything, will you do differently?

Answer these questions in your journal each week, and look back to see how your priorities and habits change over time.

P.S. - These questions make for great family dinner conversations as well!