Our Path

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We aren’t your usual tech entrepreneurs, and we never set out to “build an app.” We became friends because we were tired of social experiences where every interaction was the same. We both craved authentic connections and deeper conversations. We wanted to actually know our people better.

We began with a physical product; an in-person conversation journey that was played around a table. We prototyped, tested, and iterated this product for over two years. Along the way, we observed a few key things:

1. Sharing our stories makes us feel good

We usually feel good when we share who we really are, what makes us tick, and what we value.

2. Hearing others share their stories makes us feel good about them

When others are vulnerable, we often identify with them and genuinely wish them well.

3. The tools that help us share our stories online often don’t make us feel better about ourselves or others

Social media can cause us to compare ourselves with others in an unhealthy way, resulting in feelings of depression and jealousy. Not only does this leave us feeling more lonely, but it also causes us to limit, edit and filter the parts of ourselves that we share.

In a world where likes, views, and followers are being counted and compared, it’s easier to post about avocado toast than about what gives you purpose. So, we started from scratch and set out to create an online experience that helps you express yourself, learn from others, and actually feel closer.

No comparisons, ads, or distractions. Just friendships.

That’s how the Longwalks app was created. We provide fill-in-the-blank prompts called Paths that guide the sharing process and give you room to express yourself. We’ve taken tidbits from communication theories, media psychology, and ancient spiritual practices to offer wholistic and fun ways to share. We also take the suggestions of our users very seriously - it’s your space, after all!