Social Media Made Healthy

We started from scratch and built you a brand new, positive social network that’s actually GOOD for YOU.

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a better way to share

Our fill-in-the-blank prompts frame the conversation to highlight what’s really important. First, we contribute to reveal what others are saying. Then, the magic happens. Because when one person shares, others want to reciprocate, which supports more intimate relationships.

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Longwalks is a clean space to talk about what you actually care about with the people you actually care about. Have meaningful conversations that build and sustain your relationships, all within a positive and supportive community.

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time really well spent

We care about your time, privacy, and heart. So we don’t show you ads, do sketchy things with your data, or publicly display statistics like friends and likes. We’re about practicing human kindness here, not scoring points or selling your attention.


I am because we are.

Our logo is inspired by the word Ubuntu, a Nguni Bantu term for a universal bond of sharing that connects all of us. It is often translated to human kindness. Longwalks is grounded in this philosophy.

This app was built in the San Francisco Bay Area by kind humans, for kind humans.


Download the app today, because life’s too short for meh conversations.